Vray Modern Interior Advance Lighting Rendering Tutorial In 3ds Max In Hindi Architecture Tutorials in Vray, 3ds Max, Lumion, SketchUp in Hindi

Vray Modern Interior Advance Lighting Rendering Tutorial In 3ds Max In Hindi

After Modeling Everything (Material, Lighting, Rendering, Shading, Camera and Photoshop Post Editing) Coverd


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Atul rankawat Uploaded by TECH N GEN

Released : 24 Aug 2020  |  VIDEO DURATION : 4 hours 30 min | SUPPORT CLASSES EXTRA 

Sir Atul Rankawat is an Professional Architectural designer and gamming artist. He has 13 years of industry-standard experience and done more than 100 architectural projects (including interiors, exteriors and animations).

**Elevation & Projects can be inspired by an Internet image. These reference images can be downloaded, and can often be given by a viewer. Like these images, the motive to make elevation again is just to learn how they can do the work in a professional way, that too in a simple way.

Tutorial Videos List
  1. 01 Vray Modern interior Intro

  2. 02 Vray Modern interior RenderExisting cams

  3. 03 Vray Modern interior Materior 01

  4. 04 Vray Modern interior Materior 02

  5. 05 Vray Modern interior Materior 03

  6. 06 Vray Modern interior Rendering 01

  7. 07 Vray Modern interior Rendering 02

  8. 08 Vray Modern interior Rendering 03

  9. 09 Vray Modern interior Photoshop Post

Project Files List
  1. PracticeFile V2014

  2. MAPS

  3. Renders

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  • Minimum i5 processor and higher or Equivalent
  • Minimum 4 GB and higher RAM
  • Minimum 2 GB and higher Graphic Card (Nvidia or ATI)
  • 3ds Max 2011 and Upper Version
  • Vray 3.6 Version (if you have lower version then output  May slightly different )
M.Feroz khan 24 October, 2020


Anvar S 21 October, 2020

It's amazing to see the level of detail.

Purnima Swami 22 July, 2020

A beautiful picture of the Room, super light effect on the wall. I like it so much.

Vijay Tanwer 23 May, 2020

Great course. A lot of interesting informations and it definitely worst his cost. I would have liked to get all the model used in the 3D scene.

neha rajora 09 March, 2020

I really learnt a lot through this course. My renders always look flat and now I am able to correct that with the correct render settings and photoshop effects.

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