Fast Lighting Rendering of Corner Flat Project With 3ds Max and Vray Architecture Tutorials in Vray, 3ds Max, Lumion, SketchUp in Hindi

Fast Lighting Rendering of Corner Flat Project With 3ds Max and Vray

Lighting Rendering Tutorials for Intermediate 3d Artist


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About 40 Min of videos

Tutorial Videos List
  1. 01 Lighting Rendering CornerFlat Project Intro

  2. 02 Lighting Rendering CornerFlat Project Lighting Camera

  3. 03 Lighting Rendering CornerFlat Project RenderSettings

  4. 04 Lighting Rendering CornerFlat Project PHediting


Project Files List
  1. Lighting Rendering CornerFlat Project InitialStage

    Here is the 3ds max max file for practice and all the objects that were merged into the file in the tutorial will also be found, so that you can practice the file by following the video. . The Max file is from the same stage from where the tutorials are started, so that videos can be viewed and practiced together. I recommended to use PowerISO or Winrar 5.0 or higher to open rar file.
  2. Renders

  3. File Max 2011

    file in max 2011 version

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Gururaj Hiremath 09 September, 2020 05:38:16 AM

Very well explained..

Taher Saheb 30 December, 2019 01:04:56 PM

nicely explain the vray working techniques .. thanks for useful tutorials .. i recommend to all who want to understand the lighting and rendering concepts

Balasaheb Sonawane 09 November, 2019 03:36:43 PM

कुछ बाकी नहीं रहा सब कुछ सिखा दिया सर आपने .... Thanks you so much //

ajay prabhudas 06 September, 2019 04:50:29 PM

very deep knowledge di hai sir ..thanks you so much

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