Revit Essential Software Training for Beginners Architecture Tutorials in Vray, 3ds Max, Lumion, SketchUp in Hindi

Revit Essential Software Training for Beginners

Everything You Need to Know | basic to advance in HINDI


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Tutorial Videos List
  1. User Interface

  2. Import CAD File In Revit

  3. Create Level In Revit

  4. Create Wall In Revit & Change Wall Thickness

  5. Create And Modify Door

  6. Create And Modify Window

  7. Place Component In Revit

  8. Roof By Footprint

  9. Roof By Extrusion

  10. Floor In Revit

  11. Ceiling Design In Revit

  12. Wall Sweep & Reveal

  13. How To Make Curtin Wall

  14. Stair By Component

  15. Stair By Sketch

  16. Railing Design In Revit

  17. Revit Dimension

  18. Materials

  19. Topo surface

  20. Building Pad AND Split Surface

  21. Visibility Graphics

  22. Room Tags & Schedule

  23. Openings

  24. Massing In Revit

  25. View Template

  26. Creating Sheet In Revit

  27. Export Elevation & Section

  28. Render

  29. Modal In Place

Project Files List
  1. Cad File

  2. Refrence

  3. Revit Drawing

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Purnima Swami 13 April, 2023

At the point when we complete this course we will have the right stuff and information to take a venture from beginning to end.

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10000.0096.01% off

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