Inspiring Living Room Designing and Rendering Tutorial in 3ds Max and Corona

Complete 3d interior designing and rendering tutorial except modeling (On Demand Tutorials)



Atul rankawat Uploaded by TECH N GEN

Modeling by Priyanshu Naga

Released : 23 july 2018  |  VIDEO DURATION : -- hours --- min | SUPPORT CLASSES : --------

Sir Atul Rankawat is an Professional Architectural designer and gamming artist. He has 13 years of industry-standard experience and done more than 100 architectural projects (including interiors, exteriors and animations). He start working with a game industry and then switch in to high end architectural visualization.. 3d visualization, architectural concept designing, match moving, live action compositing are the key skills.

In this Tutorial Atul sir will teach your how to make some good materials and create a balance lighting to your space you will learn in this tutorial how to use physical camera and make a photorealistic output.

In the description you find the topics which included in this tutorial.. 

**Interior can be inspired by an Internet image. These reference images can be downloaded, and can often be given by a viewer. Like these images, the motive to make elevation again is just to learn how they can do the work in a professional way, that too in a simple way.

**Tutorials will be available within 6 days of the day you purchased it..This is an on demand tutorial.

सर अतुल रांकावत last 13 सालो से architectural designing और Game Designing का काम कर रहे है Industry में | इन्होने सबसे पहले अपने career की शुरुआत एक गेम डिज़ाइनर की तरह की थी और आज high end architectural visualization के तोर  पर काम कर रहे है | इस industry में चाहें कुछ भी हो सभी तरह के कामो को करने में माहिर है सर अतुल रांकावत | 3d visualization, architectural concept designing, match moving, live action compositing ये अभी topics आने वाले कुछ दिनों में आपसे शेयर करेगे ताकि आप सभी industry के काम को सीख सके | 

इस tutorial में सर अतुल रांकावत आपको सिखाया है की किस तरह से एक Project में अच्छा material और lighting करके एक photo realistic output निकला जा सकता है  | इस tutorial को लास्ट तक देखिये और कोई comments और सुझाव हो तो comments बॉक्स में जरुर लिखे 

निचे Description में जो जो topics कवर होगे वो मिल जायेगे ..

**Interior किसी इंटरनेट इमेज से इंस्पायर्ड हो सकता है | ये रिफरेन्स इमेजेज डौन्लोडेड हो सकती है, और बहुत बार किसी व्यूअर की दी हुई हो सकती है | इन images के जैसा फिर से एलिवेशन बनाने का मोतिवे सिर्फ ये सीखना है की किस तरह से वो एक प्रोफ़ेशनल तरीके से काम को कर सकते है, वो भी बहुत सिंपल तरीके से।

**जिस दिन आपने इसे खरीदा है उसके 6 दिन के अंदर टुटोरिअल्स अवेलेबल हो जाएंगे | यह एक ऑन डिमांड ट्यूटोरियल है

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Purnima Swami 26 June, 2020 05:58:12 AM

This is amazing view of the living room. It looks beautiful.

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